Creating spaces that let you live life, your way

Warm and exuberant hues breathe life into the walls. Luxurious tapestry and dainty sheers play with the abundant natural light that filters in. Even the minor details - the intricately patterned rug, the object art on the wall or the crystal ware bespeak a personal touch. Everything in these exclusively appointed spacious havens have been handpicked to make one feel completely at home with the facilities of a star hotel. In fact, sometimes I (you) wonder if this isn't the personal space you were dreaming about, all along.

Our 'living spaces' are spacious, well ventilated and almost like independent, personalized homes. The decor captures the best of the Indian artistic tradition in a happy blend with urban sophistication. Hand picked sheers, beautiful rugs, exquisite linen and select pieces of art transform walls into designer homes.

Our Cafeteria Caters to all kinds of food and is operational 24 hrs.

Abundant natural light that breezes in creates a fantastic sense of space and life. Rest assured that every little detail that will make you feel at home has been attended to like a star Hotel.